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Eurotip est un fabriquant – concepteur belge de conduits de cheminée et de ventilation.

Sur un marché principalement servi par des imports génériques, l’entreprise est fière de concevoir et proposer depuis plus de 50 ans des solutions pour tous les combustibles et tous les appareils afin d’apporter une réponse en adéquation avec les besoins spécifiques de tous les publics (logements individuels et collectifs, secteur tertiaire et industriel).

Eurotip est une entreprise de Sphering Group, acteur incontournable en Europe en conception, fabrication et distribution de conduits de fumée et d’air.

Sphering Group

À propos de Sphering group

Sphering Group s'impose comme le nouvel acteur incontournable du marché européen des conduits de fumée et d'air : il conçoit, fabrique et distribue des conduits et des systèmes de ventilation haut de gamme.

In this paragraph, chimneys & ventilation systems. You might see them as accessories. Flues and ducts extracting combustion gases, hot or cold air. That's it at first glance. In fact, for over 100 years now, we have been providing much more than that. Firstly, we care to do well by doing good. Good with customers, employees, secured and efficient products, the environment and society.

Secondly, as bold innovators, we dare to constantly set new standards. In fact, we develop cutting-edge technologies to make buildings safer. We provide high performance heating or cooling systems using less ressources. Thirdly, as partners, we are proud to manufacture and distribute locally. Moreover, we share common interests with our customers to develop businesses. In addition, we are committed to designing secure and custom-made solutions. Thats is in order to meet the very specific needs of every installation in every market. And as sustainable development actors, we care about contributing to secure, durable and healthier buildings. Moreover, a cleaner air for the industrial commercial and residential markets.


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